Free Bet Freerolls

Giving away £150 worth of free bets every week!

Love free bets? Love free poker? Why not have both? Every Tuesday and Thursday Betfred Poker are running free poker tournaments with the chance to win free bets to bet on sports!

Where and When?

*Every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00 the Free Bet Freerolls are happening in the poker lobby. Simply download here and go to Tournaments > Freerolls > Free Bet Freeroll.

How do I qualify?

To qualify you need to be at least at the Pub Poker, but donít worry! it is really easy to reach this level, you simply have to earn 60 Career Points in one calendar month which is as simple as entering three $10 + $1 tournaments! Once you have done this you will be upgraded by the following day! To see exactly how to earn Career Points, go to Career and Value Points. Once you are at the Pub Poker level you will be able to enter as many of these tournaments and win as many free bets as you wish.

How are the free bets paid out?

Position Tuesday Thursday
1st £15 £15
2nd £10 £10
3rd £5 £5
4th £5 £5
5th £5 £5
6th £5 £5
7th £5 £5
8th £5 £5
9th £5 £5
10th £5 £5
11th £5 £5
12th £5 £5

*Tournaments are every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00.

Where can I use my Free Bets?

All the free bets can be used on Betfred's Sports Channel