Seems like celebrities find themselves constantly in the public eye, which means their vices and obsessions leak out to the audiences quite quickly. A lot of famous people have a secret passion to gambling, rather often they visit VIP-casinos or backstreet gambling houses allowing them to place high stakes.


1. Garic Harlamov
A famous comedian appeared in the center of a huge scandal after breaking up with his wife. She said that Harlamov is a gambling addict and once had lost more than 5 million rubles while playing online poker.

2. Ben Affleck
This artistically gifted actor has a lot of other additional talents. Gambling is not an exception. Back in 2001 the mass media published some breaking news on how Ben $800 000 while playing blackjack, and rumored on the record tips of $150 000 he left for his dealer.

Three years later, the actor participated in a poker tournament and won around $356 000, and a year after - $25 000. The blockbuster star was also spotted taking part in backstreet poker tournaments on the low.

3. Tobey Maguire
The Spiderman actor inexpressibly loves gambling. In 2001, Tobey was locked-up by the FBI for playing at bootleg gambling houses officially banned in California. Fortunately, he got away with a fine only. It is rumored, that Tobey used to win million every other month.

4. Victoria Bonya
The star of a famous Russian reality show “Dom-2” confessed that she is crazy about gambling at casinos and does it regularly via mobile apps, if she has a spare minute. Victoria revealed her secret passion to gambling while hosting a gambling marathon. She’s been to anywhere and surely knows the best.

5. Leonardo DiСaprio
Leo is a passionate poker player and a regular visitor of one very famous casino. However, legal gambling didn’t seem enough for the actor, so he started looking for the forbidden one. Relatively soon the bootleg gambling house he attended was surrounded by the police and the name of DiCaprio was on the list of detained.