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casino Hold 'Em

casino Hold'em is a popular variation of five card poker. Each player is dealt two cards and they must be used in conjunction with a five-card flop to build the best possible poker hand.

There is an optional AA side bet. This is a bet on whether the first five cards that are dealt (i.e. yours and three of the flop cards) will include a pair of aces or better.The game will automatically calculate what your best possible hand is.

casino Hold 'Em

At each point of a round of a game the best hands will be automatically formed.

In order for the dealer to qualify they must have at least a pair of fours. If they fail to qualify your 'Call' bet is returned to you and the Ante bet pays according to the pay-table.

If the dealer's hand qualifies and your hand beats it then your Ante pays according to the pay-table and your 'Call' bet will pay you even money.

If you draw with the dealer, the highest card out of the remaining ones available to you will determine who the winner is.

If you have the same kind of hand as the dealer, the one containing the highest value card will win, for instance three Kings will beat three Queens.

The Ace can be used as a semi-wildcard, this means that it can be the lowest value card in a straight of 5, 4, 3, 2, A or the highest value card in a straight of A, K, Q, J, 10.

casino Hold 'Em

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